Abigail Lapell - Old Flames
For Trade: One Cheestring
No lowballs. I know what I have.
Cheestrings - Bidding War
Keep it cheesy. (Directed by)
Royal Ontario Museum - Dawn of Life
Every answer uncovers more questions. (Directed by)
Internova Travel Group - Book Human
Don't let a machine plan your vacation.
McDonald's - Friends Wanted
We started letting McDonald's applicants apply, interview and work together with their friends.
Egg Farmers of Canada - It's Not Weird
You're weird for thinking it's weird.
Doordash - Let's Order In
Yeah... let's do that.
Banff Centre - Piano
Things you can't unthink.
Flight Centre - Be Unbordered
Please stay within your comfort zone. Thank you.
McDonald's - Follow The Arches
We used only fractions of the McDonald’s logo to create a minimal, globally-adaptable wayfinding system.
SickKids Hospital - Crews
Uniting donors by dividing them.
Palm Bay Zero - Don't Sugarcoat It
McDonald's - Big Mac x Bacon Collaboration
The hottest collaboration of 2018 was a sandwich.
NABS - It Ran
A magazine specifically designed to run any ad to make it eligible for award shows.
Nike - Better For It
An outdoor campaign that pushes the limits of the medium as much as it pushes athletes to be more competitive.
General Mills - Smugglaroos
A website encouraging Canadians to smuggle Dunkaroos into the United States, where they were discontinued in 2012.
McDonald's - Is it still a Big Mac?
We questioned the legitimacy of the Big Mac with bacon, and got the public debating over it.
Zag Bank - Easy
Zag Bank makes saving easy.
Zag Bank - Instant
Bank in an instant.
Smart - Popsicle
Perfect for summer. Perfect for two.
Mercedes-Benz - Reindeer in Headlights
Highlights the superior safety of the vehicle's headlights.
Cape Farewell - Off-Balance
Turning the page on a 2° angle illustrates the smallest global temperature increase can cause massive climate change.
Nike - Run
The shelter is closed on all sides.
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